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This is 3 weeks late, but nonetheless...This was one of the best current event episodes of South Park ever!! Their portrayals of Tom Cruise, R. Kelly, and John Travolta were right on. They really hit Scientology hard too which I loved. I can't believe those nuts believe that SHIT! When I first heard how HOT this episode was going to be I quickly assumed it was going to be 'dirty and vulgar hot'. wasn' turned out to be 'controversial hot', and I loved it. This episode got a lot of press at the time (and still is) because it took on the taboo subject of Scientology and whether or not Tom Cruise is a flaming homo. Will Scientology sue? Will Tom Cruise sue? We'll have to wait and see. Now, some notes and analysis for y'all...(Links about Scientology will be included in the next post so you can see how accurate SP was in portraying the "religion").

* Tom Cruise's girlfriend and his baby's momma, Katie Holmes did not appear in this episode. His ex, Nicole Kidman did though. (Just the sight of her cracked me up!)

* Rumors have been swirling around for at least 5 years that Tom Cruise is gay. In fact, he has sued many people in the past for alleging just that. Matt and Trey didn't seem to give a shit though.

* The John Travolta impression was the best one i've ever seen! (different from the plain John Travolta impression Matt and Trey did in the 5th season "IT" episode)

* For those of you "in the closet", 'Trapped in the Closet' is a 12-part opera/song created and starring rapper R. Kelly. It is the fucking stupidest thing I have ever seen! Watch MTV or its sister network MTV 2 and im sure you'll see bits and pieces of it. It is ridiculously funny and a complete waste of time!

* We learn that Grandpa Marvin Marsh is an alcoholic in this episode! Who knew?!?

* Scientology claims that it is a church, but it is really an alternative to psychology. It's bull!

* Stan is a fan of the 'Napoleon Dynamite' actor John Heder.

* A Marklar is one of the aliens about to be frozen in the 'This is what Scientologists actually believe' sequence.

* I didn't know bedroom closets had locks on them. Hmmm...

* Issac Hayes, the voice of Chef is a well-known Scientologist. He didn't appear in this episode nor was he credited at the end of this episode.

* Everyone's name was changed to John or Jane Smith in the credits of this episode. That was the 'icing on the cake' of an amazingly funny episode. I loved that little touch.

* Like dipshit Tom Cruise, Scientology isn't afraid to sue when it is under attack. They have done it many, many times before in the past to people trying to reveal the "secret" workings of the "church".

* I agree with Cartman's statement about saving money. It isn't "my thing" either.

* "Money doesn't grow on trees" Randy says to Stan. What kid hasn't heard that in their lifetime?!?

* Where the fuck is Officer Barbrady? He must have an office job now. I hope he appears again really soon.

* Mr. Mackey is another citizen of South Park interested in Scientology. And he is a PSYCHOLOGIST...

* $250 is a pretty expensive bike for a 9-year old boy.

* The whole Marsh family was in this episode, but not too many other notable SP citizens. Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny only briefly appeared at the beginning and the end.

* Why the hell is R. Kelly holding his arm at the end? That baffles me!

* Scientology was briefly touched upon in episode 503: Super Best Friends, but it was not the main subject, like in this episode. In that episode it was Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman falling for a cult and Stan being the sane one. This episode, Stan was the nut and the other 3 boys were the sane ones trying to convince him to leave the Scientology cult.

* Now that they took on the controversial subject of Scientology, all they need to do now is spoof the 'Nation of Islam' and they would have offended everyone! That would make a great 10th season premiere, dontchya think!?

Again, I apologize for my review being so late...if you don't accept my can just...

SUE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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