Wednesday, December 07, 2005


1. ALF guy: Save the whales motherfucker!!

2. Kyle: What did the Japanese say?
Jimmy: They told us to go fuck ourselves!

3. Vladimir Putin: Kiss my ass George Bush!!

4. Cartman: Okay, Kyle... We're gonna get splashed some more, but if you wanna go make love to the whale, that's fine!

5. Mrs. Donovan: The fat one in the middle... kinda looks like Dakota Fanning. Excuse me, gentlemen, I have to get back to the oven.

6. Manuel: Si, fly!

7. Brian: You're carrying a stolen whale!
Driver: Stolen?!!! You kids told me you won that whale at Pizza Hut!!

8. Announcer Brian: It is funny! IT IS FUNNY!!!!

9. Stan: I wonder... if he'll ever come back and visit us?..
Kyle: I don't know, but at least from now on, every time we look at the moon, we can know that Willzyx is up there, dancing with the other zypods in his castle!

10. Anchor Tom: A beloved performing orca whale has been stolen from the Denver Sea Park. A full investigation is underway, but tracking down the kidnappers is proving to be one WHALE of a problem!
Field Reporter: Thanks, Tom, I'm here at the Denver Sea Park where, believe it or not, dozens of people have come to show support for whoever took the whale.
ALF Leader: That's right. We are members of the Animal Liberation Front! Whales do not belong in tanks, they belong in the ocean! We applaud whoever did this noble deed! Set the whales free!!!
Protesters: Set the whales free!
Field Reporter: One thing for certain: something is certainly FISHY here at the Sea Park. Tom?
Anchor Tom: Thank, Mitch. It seems that this problem is almost unBEARable. Let's hope that whale is found...


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